Correctional Services to procure thermal scanners

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS), as part of its ongoing COVID-19 mitigation plan, has procured thermal scanners to assist with the prevention and/or detection of the virus among staff, inmates and children in its care.

“In light of the growing concern to keep the virus at bay, the DCS has placed an order for 40 new digital thermal scanners and delivery is expected within the first week of April. This is a part of the strategic push to acquire protective gears and body temperature scanners,” says State Minister in the Ministry of National Security, Senator Matthew Samuda.

He adds that hand washbasins and hand sanitisers have been placed at the entrance of each facility. “I have organized with my team at the Ministry and senior officials from the DCS, digital meetings to conduct a weekly review of the conditions in each institution, to ensure that our plans are being actualized,” he ended.

The DCS COVID-19 Contingency Plan (CONPLAN) was approved by senior officials and is being implemented by Director of Medical Services, Dr. Donna-Michelle Royer-Powe and her medical team at each institution.

Dr. Powe says sourcing thermal scanners locally has been a major challenge, however the department should receive additional supplies from overseas. “We were only able to source two scanners locally and those were sent to Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre and Horizon Adult Remand Centre. The Ministry and DCS have identified a source and as a matter of urgency we should have thermal scanners operational in all our institutions shortly.”