Cosmic Wombman to host Christmas treat for children’s home

Wards at the City of Refugee Children’s Home are to benefit from a treat to be staged by Cosmic Wombman© on Thursday (Dec 19).

The kids will be treated to lunch and what Cosmic Wombman says will be a fun afternoon. The children’s home will benefit from a contribution of $50,000.

The home is directed by the Glad Tidings Church.

Cosmic Wombman, which was founded by Ramona Riley, is a holistic health awareness company located in South Carolina, USA and 10 Argyle Road, off Braemar Avenue, New Kingston.

The company’s speciality area of focus is maintaining healthy female reproductive systems and health issues. Cosmic Wombman diagnoses and recommends natural treatments related to painful menstrual cycles, complications during sex, hormonal imbalances, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, blocked tubes and emotional trauma.