Could have bought a brain: Man arrested after flexing stolen cash on the Gram

Arlando Henderson arrested for flexing on the ‘Gram’. (Photo:

You might want to be careful the next time you decide to flex some cash on social media. A former Wells Fargo employee from Charlotte, North Carolina, in the US, is being accused of stealing nearly $90,000 in cash from the bank he worked at. He was caught after showing off the cash on social media.


He has been identified as 29-year-old Arlando Henderson. According to WCNC, FBI agents arrested Henderson for stealing from the bank at least 18 times this year. It’s alleged that he stole the cash from the bank’s vault and later deposited the cash to his account, using a nearby ATM.

But Henderson wasn’t too careful about leaving behind a paper trail. He made false entries in the bank’s book to cover up the theft and destroyed certain documents. But even after he did all of that, Henderson couldn’t resist taking selfies with big wads of cash and posting them on Instagram.

Henderson allegedly used the money to pay down on a 2019 Mercedes Benz.

He is charged with 19 counts of theft, embezzlement and misapplication, and twelve counts of making false entries and transactional money laundering. If convicted Henderson could spend up to 40 years in prison.