Couple kicked from cruise ship in Barbados for ‘having loud sex’

A raunchy German couple, who was kicked off a cruise ship in Barbados, are suing operators Tui Cruises, alleging that it was because they had sex loudly.

According to reports out of England, Renate F and her husband Volker were on the first night of the two-week cruise when according to the woman they had a passionate love-making session that erupted into loud outbursts during ecstatic periods.

Overwhelmed by the joys of passion, they had forgotten to lock the cabin door, an added irritation for the other passengers. But it got worse, as Renate said that after their rapture, they got into a bout of loud verbal spat.

Seemingly, wanting to cool things down, Volker took a shower, while Renate said she smoked a cigarette, with both being interrupted by the manager and a security guard, who told them the captain had ordered them to leave the ship.

The pair claim they then had to fork out thousands of pounds to stay in Barbados as well as to travel back to Germany. They are now suing for damages, compensation for “pain” and reimbursement of travel expenses as they allege that the tour operator and captain violated their duty of care.