COVID-19 be-gone! Bartlett says tourism will come roaring back

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett, says the coronavirus (COVID-19) will be eventually contained once people adhere to health and safety guidelines and putting country above self.

Bartlett, in a podcast on March 27, titled Tourism Resilience and Recovery, added that the tourism industry will also return to its glory days once the effort is put in to restore traveller confidence.

Tourists at the Bob Marley statue, in St Andrew, February.

“As we continue to fight this crisis together, we are reminded that we have been here before and like we overcame in the past, so shall we again,” Bartlett noted. “How quickly we do so will, however, depend significantly on the extent to which we, as citizens, are able to act selflessly and obey precautionary measures.”

Bartlett, in the meantime, noted the COVID-19 pandemic “will easily be the game changer of this millennium”, adding that while the world has witnessed other deadly pandemics in recent history, never before has a pandemic so quickly and frighteningly rendered countries across the world, so powerless and helpless in such a simultaneous and indiscriminate manner.

Tourists in Port Royal in February.

 “However, in many cases…almost all the time…crises are always followed by opportunities and we have to position ourselves to rebound from this global pandemic which starts with the rebuilding of confidence,” he added.