Another week of one million new COVID-19 cases

Confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have surpassed 11 million worldwide, adding another one million infections in less than a week.

The virus infection surpassed 10 million on June 28. Deaths related to the stand at just under 526,000 as of today, July 4.

The virus spread has been growing, with each million infection happening in week or less for the past four weeks. The increased number of cases is spurred by rising numbers in the Americas, which has become the new epicentre of the virus as countries like the United States, Brazil report growing numbers. The United States reported more than 57,000 new infections in the past 24 hours alone.

Comparatively, the virus took four months after first surfacing in Wuhan, China in December to infect one million people.

Infections and deaths continue to be led by the US which has almost 2.8 million and 129,439 respectively, far more than any other country.

The countries with the next highest number of infections are Brazil (1.5 million), Russia (673,564), India (648,315) and Peru (295,599), according to the John Hopkins University virus tracker.

Meanwhile, the nations with the next highest number of recorded deaths are Brazil (61,884), the United Kingdom (44,216), Italy (34,844) and France (29,896).