COVID-19 kills 838 in Spain over 24-hour period

Spain confirmed another 838 deaths in 24 hours from coronavirus on Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths to 6,528, according to health ministry figures.

The toll is a new daily record for the European country that is straining to deal with the deadly virus which originated in China in December 2019. The number of confirmed cases in Spain has now reached 78,797 — after the one-day increase of 9.1 per cent.

Except for a brief lull recorded on Thursday, Spain’s death-toll has been rising daily. However, officials have pointed to a slower growth rate for both deaths and confirmed cases and expressed hope that the peak of the outbreak was approaching.

Spain also reported Sunday that 14,709 people had been cured of COVID-19, a rise of 19.7 per cent in 24 hours.

Like Italy, Spain on Saturday tightened measures to contain the outbreak, ordering a halt to all “non-essential” activities.