COVID-19 Watch: Caribbean clocks over 1,800 cases; St Vincent’s lone patient recovers

St Vincent is the first Caribbean island to beat the novel coronavirus!

A sliver of hope for the Caribbean with the news of St Vincent becoming the first country in the region to beat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as countries continue the fight to flatten the curve of its spread.

As at 1:21 pm Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) on Monday (March 30), a whopping 1,831 cases have been confirmed by respective health departments across 30 countries and territories in the region.

Welcome news for the Caribbean as officials have declared St Vincent coronavirus-free after its only patient has recovered. None of the Grenadine islands had been affected.

Elsewhere around the region, a total of 103 cases have been officially closed, accounted for by 62 deaths and 41 recoveries.

Keep up to date on the latest developments on the Caribbean situation with BUZZ’s breakdown of COVID-19 below:

Dominican Republic: 278 new cases; 859 confirmed. 39 patients have died.

Puerto Rico: 95 new cases; 174 confirmed. Six patients have died.

Cuba: 59 new cases; 139 confirmed. Three patients have died.

Martinique: 30 new cases; 111 confirmed. Two patients have died.

Guadeloupe: 22 new cases; 106 confirmed. Four patients have died.

Trinidad and Tobago: 13 new cases; 78 confirmed. Three patients have died.

Aruba: 22 new cases; 50 confirmed. One patient has died.

French Guiana: 13 new cases; 43 confirmed.

Jamaica: Eight new cases; 34 confirmed. One patient has died.

Barbados: Nine new cases; 33 confirmed.

US Virgin Islands: Six new cases; 23 confirmed.

Bermuda: Seven new cases; 22 confirmed.

St Martin: Four new cases; 15 confirmed. One patient has died.

Haiti: Seven new cases; 15 confirmed.

The Bahamas: Five new cases; 14 confirmed.

Cayman Islands: Four new cases; 12 confirmed. One patient has died.

Dominica: No new cases; 11 confirmed.

Grenada: Two new cases; nine confirmed.

St Lucia: Six new cases; nine confirmed.

Curaçao: One new case; eight confirmed.

Guyana: Three new cases; eight confirmed. One patient has died.

Suriname: No new cases; eight confirmed.

St Kitts and Nevis: Five new cases; seven confirmed.

Antigua and Barbuda: No new cases; seven confirmed.

Sint Maarten: Three new cases; six confirmed.

Monserrat: Three new cases; five confirmed.

Turks and Caicos Islands: Three new cases; five confirmed.

Saint-Barthélemy: Two new cases; five confirmed.

Anguilla: Two new cases; two confirmed.

Belize: No new cases; two confirmed.

British Virgin Islands: No new cases; two confirmed.