COVID-19 Watch: Caribbean nears 100,000 recoveries amid second wave of coronavirus

Increased testing and wider compliance with social distancing, sanitisation measures are paying off across the Caribbean amid the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Reports of new infections of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to trend downward in the Caribbean, as the region records a third-straight week having more closed cases than active ones.

It’s an especially encouraging turn of events as health authorities across the 32 affected countries and territories come close to 100,000 recoveries—despite the incredible odds stacked against the Caribbean.

Our analysis has shown, that as at 4:43 pm Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) on Friday, September 4, respective health departments have confirmed a combined total of 156,445 cases of COVID-19.

Of that number, some 103,117 cases, or roughly 66 per cent, are officially closed as patients report a full recovery from the infectious disease (99,840 recoveries to date, barring insufficient data from Puerto Rico) or have died from coronavirus-related complications (3,277 deaths).

The number of regional countries and territories bringing their active caseload to zero stands at six, namely: St Lucia, the Cayman Islands, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Monserrat and Anguilla.

See the latest situational analysis on COVID-19 in the Caribbean below:

Dominican Republic: 1,002 new cases; 96,629 confirmed. 1,801 patients have died. (70,871 patients have recovered)

Puerto Rico: 53 new cases; 16,101 confirmed. 455 patients have died. (*No information available on recoveries)

French Guiana: 25 new cases; 9,276 confirmed. 62 patients have died. (8,792 recoveries)

Haiti: 25 new cases; 8,326 confirmed. 212 patients have died. (5,870 recoveries)

Cuba: 52 new cases; 4,266 confirmed. 100 patients have died. (3,487 recoveries)

Suriname: 66 new cases; 4,215 confirmed. 73 patients have died. (3,318 recoveries)

Jamaica: 74 new cases; 2,896 confirmed. 29 patients have died. (921 recoveries)

The Bahamas: 49 new cases; 2,386 confirmed. 50 patients have died. (893 recoveries)

Aruba: 81 new cases; 2,292 confirmed. 13 patients have died. (1,031 recoveries)

Trinidad and Tobago: 46 new cases; 2,030 confirmed. 30 patients have died. (707 recoveries)

Guyana: 19 new cases; 1,401 confirmed. 44 patients have died. (805 recoveries)

Guadeloupe: 94 new cases; 1,363 confirmed. 18 patients have died. (336 recoveries)

US Virgin Islands: Six new cases; 1,150 confirmed. 16 patients have died. (1,050 recoveries)

Belize: 17 new cases; 1,118 confirmed. 13 patients have died. (225 recoveries)

Martinique: 102 new cases; 747 confirmed. 18 patients have died. (124 recoveries)

Turks & Caicos Islands: 22 new cases; 577 confirmed. Five patients have died (220 recoveries)

Sint Maarten: Nine new cases; 504 confirmed. 19 patients have died (302 recoveries)

St Martin: 26 new cases; 239 confirmed. Six patients have died. (79 recoveries)

Bermuda: No new cases; 168 confirmed. Nine patients have died. (151 recoveries)

Barbados: One new case; 177 confirmed. Seven patients have died. (150 recoveries)

Antigua and Barbuda: One new case; 95 confirmed. Three patients have died. (91 recoveries)

St Vincent and the Grenadines One new cases; 61 confirmed. (57 recoveries)

Curaçao: Two new cases; 55 confirmed. One patient has died (35 recoveries)

British Virgin Islands: Nine new cases; 47 confirmed. One patient has died. (Eight recoveries)

Dominica: No new cases; 20 confirmed. (18 recoveries)

Saint-Barthélemy: One new case; 18 confirmed. (13 recoveries)

Countries without active cases

St Lucia: No active cases. (Previously had 26 confirmed cases)

Cayman Islands: No active cases. (Previously had 205 confirmed cases; one patient died)

Grenada: No active cases. (Previously had 24 confirmed cases)

Monserrat: No active cases. (Previously had 13 confirmed cases; one patient died)

St Kitts and Nevis: No active cases. (Previously had 17 confirmed cases)

Anguilla: No active cases. (Previously had three confirmed cases)