COVID LIES: Alorica says rumours putting safety of staff at risk

The business process outsourcing (BPO) firm whose employees make up the bulk of Jamaica’s 233 cases of COVID-19 has hit out at “malicious rumours and misstatements circulating in social media about Alorica”.

“These lies put the safety and security of our team members at risk,” the company’s executive said in a statement today. It repeated its earlier assertions that it has operated in compliance with health ministry guidelines and continues to work with local authorities.

“We have fully cooperated with all enquiries and inspections of the Ministry of Health and Wellness. We have fully complied with the requisite Orders of the Honourable Prime Minister of Jamaica and we remain committed to complying with any directives of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, and indeed any relevant arm of the Government of Jamaica. We are confident that our facilities and operations met and exceeded government requirements,” the company said.

According to the release, Alorica has been operating in Jamaica for the past 17 years and has more than 3,000 on staff.