COVID toes…What are those?

Rashes, purple fingers and bruised toes are some of the symptoms described by those experiencing what has been dubbed ‘COVID toes’.

Doctors in the United Kingdom have seemingly identify a new symptom of the novel coronavirus.

Doctors across the United Kingdom say they have been inundated with reports of patients experiencing lesions and bruises on their feet –  symptoms believed to be linked to the coronavirus.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not list rashes or bruises as a symptom of the coronavirus.

According to doctors getting these reports, the symptoms are most common in children and teens but who display no other coronavirus symptoms like fever or coughing.

The doctors further reveal that ‘COVID toes’ usually clear up on their own in about a week with no long-term damage to the skin.

Medical experts have said it is not uncommon for people to develop rashes when battling infections, as it is a well-known side effect of many viral infections, including pneumonia.