Crawford or Campbell? Tension reportedly high after change to PNP’s Shadow Cabinet

Damion Crawford (Photo: Instagram)

It is shaping up to be a tense situation inside the People’s National Party (PNP) with the return of St Ann Northwestern Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Dayton Campbell to the Shadow Cabinet.

This development threatens to derail the People’s National Party’s (PNP) upcoming retreat which is expected to address the party’s readiness for the upcoming general election, as some party loyalist express uncertainty about their standing within the Shadow Cabinet.

PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford, on Wednesday (Jan 9), told BUZZ that he was unable to confirm whether he still remained as part of the Shadow Cabinet. When further pressed about whether he could confirm his resignation from the Shadow Cabinet, Crawford responded, “No comment.”

Dr Dayton Campbell

Speculations about Crawford’s standing within the 81-year-old party came as news broke that Campbell had been reappointed to the Shadow Cabinet less than a year after he resigned. Campbell had led Peter Bunting’s failed campaign to replace Dr Peter Phillips as party president last year September.

Party insiders say that tensions are at an all-time high following the reappointment of Campbell with suggestions that some long-time party supporters may be thinking of calling it quits. Still, one party insider, who didn’t want to go on record, told BUZZ that he foresees things eventually settling down although Campbell’s reappointment felt like a “slap in the face” to some Comrades. However, he said that there would definitely be some backlash. Campbell who was reappointed on Tuesday was immediately tasked with preparing a special projects plan that will serve as a guide for the next PNP administration.