Crew on missing Indonesian submarine declared dead

The 53 people who were on board the missing Indonesia submarine have being declared dead. This after wreckage from the Navy submarine was found on the seafloor.

“We found and confirmed an image of Nanggala submarine parts, like horizontal steering, anchor, exterior body, vertical steering, and other submarine parts like safety suits for crew,” Indonesia military commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said Sunday.

He added; “based on that authentic proof I declare here that the Nanggala submarine sank and all of the crew died.”

According to the Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Yudo Margono, the submarine was found at a depth of 850 meters (930 yards) and had broken into three parts.

Importantly a submarine escape immersion suit was one of the objects found by the team.

“This suit is only used to escape in emergency situations. Normally it is stored inside the box, but since we found it outside we believe that the crew were going to wear it but they had no chance,” he said.

Margono pointed out that the cause of the submarine’s immersion was “not a human error, but a natural/environment factor.” However, he did not give further details.

The submarine went missing on Tuesday (April 20).