Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed Coco-Cola for a bottle of water and the company lost billions

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo (Janerik Henriksson / TT via AP)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s healthy lifestyle has caused Coco-Cola billions of dollars.

On Tuesday during a press conference, the star footballer moved two glass bottles of Coco-Cola in favour of a bottle of water, and the Euro 2020 sponsor lost $4 billion in its market value as a result.

Now we all know that Ronaldo is a known fitness enthusiast. But we guess no one expected him to not only move the Coca-Cola bottles aside, but actually pick up a water bottle and say “Agua” (Spanish word for water) instead.

And his fans interpreted it to mean he’s telling them to give up the sugary drink in favour of water. A clip from the whole occurrence went viral. Take a look at it below.

According to IANS report quoting Spanish newspaper Marca, the dip in Coco-Cola’s market value happened within half an hour of the incident.