Cuba’s tourist arrivals continues to grow

Cuba is making big efforts to refine and diversify its tourism product which continues to attract international visitors.

According to the country’s Tourism Minister, Manuel Marrero, Cuba is expecting 5.1 million visitors this year. This would be a 7.4 per cent increase over 2018’s visitor numbers.

Cuba’s Tourism Minister, Manuel Marrero (Photo:

With an increase in arrivals, Cuba is looking to a jump in revenues. It has set itself the target of over US$3 billion in revenues from its tourism industry for 2019. This figure would spell a 17 per cent increase on the prior year. 

The government is claiming that there are currently 40 hotels under construction translating to an additional 18,000 rooms in the near term.

Marrero points to the growth in investment in the sector and some of the leading hotel groups of the world now looking to deepen their presence there as most encouraging.

The Melia Group, which has a presence in Jamaica, now operates 34 hotels in Cuba with 14,700 rooms and MGM Muthu Hotels is about to open its fourth hotel in the Caribbean country.

Muthu Cayo Guillermo Hotel in Cuba (Photo:

With some Caribbean destinations afflicted by stories of assaults on visitors, Cuba is proudly proclaiming that it does not have security issues and that visitors there can enjoy their vacation without fear of any harm befalling them.

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Big smiles! (Photo:

There are more restaurants, bars, clubs and attractions in the tourism enclaves than ever before.

Eduardo Corona, center, is a bartender at El Traguito, a bar below the Museo del Ron in Santiago de Cuba. (Photo: Eliana Aponte Tobar for The New York Times)

Cuba’s tourism product hasn’t gone unnoticed. Varadero came second place in the TripAdvisor 2019 Travelers’ Choice Awards for the world’s best beaches.

Hotel Nacional was recognised in 2018’s World Travel Awards.

Looking to see what the Caribbean has to offer? Then check out the charms of Cuba.

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