Cyclone headed for India and Bangladesh

Hurricane Dorian: 'Extremely dangerous' Category 4 storm heads ...

A powerful cyclone has formed in the Bay of Bengal and is headed directly for the India-Bangladesh border.

Cyclone Amphan is a strong Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, or a super typhoon in the West Pacific, with winds of 150 mile per hour (240 kilometers per hour). Forecasters, however, expect the storm will weaken before making landfall late Wednesday near the Ganges River Delta.

But it still has the potential to bring massive destruction to the two countries that are currently battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Amphan is forecast to make landfall near poor, densely populated areas with notoriously unreliable infrastructure. If it lands in the low-lying delta, there is also the potential for major storm surges, perhaps even as high as 30 feet (9 meters).

Natural disasters are tragically common in this part of the world, but this could be the first powerful storm ever to hit India and Bangladesh amida global health emergency.