Czech President calls transgender people “disgusting”

Milos Zeman (EURACTIV.COM)

“Intrinsically disgusting to me.” That’s how the President of President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman described transgender people.

Zeman made the admission during an interview on CNN Prima News on Sunday (June 28) while discussing its neighbour Hungary’s new controversial law. This law bans the teaching of all educational materials and programs for children that are considered to promote homosexuality, gender reassignment, and the concept of sexuality deviating from the one assigned to a person at birth. 

And this is a piece of legislation that Zeman said he fully supports, and even defended Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“I do not see a reason not to agree with him,” Zeman said. He later added: “I can understand gays, lesbians and so on. But do you know who I do not understand at all? These transgender people.”