Damion Crawford congratulates Floyd Green

Jamaican politicians Damion Crawford (left) Floyd Green (right)

It’s not often that you’ll see a Jamaican politician extending congratulations on a job well done to another across the aisle. But on Thursday (July 1), Damion Crawford of the People’s National Party (PNP) did just that when he asserted on Twitter, that the country’s Minister of Agriculture- the Jamaica Labour Party’s Floyd Green “is working”.

Crawford’s statement came after Green posted photos on his account of him at a launch of his ministry’s latest project which is aimed at increasing plantain production. The project will be implemented over a two-year period and targets 16 plantain farmers across the parishes of St Thomas and Portland. It is estimated to cost $18.4 million and is expected to yield 300 tonnes of plantains per year.

“These farmers have been specifically chosen because of their practices and their access to irrigation services,” Green said. “We expect that our farmers who participate in this programme will be making at least 62 per cent on their investment.”

“Based on the significant demand for Plantain both here and abroad; our capacity to grow; and the rate of returns on investment,” he wrote on Twitter.

Crawford’s comments about the young Minister of Agriculture did not go unnoticed, and many agreed with his sentiments.

“Expect that from @floydgreenja he’s a true Jamaican! Want what’s best for this country!,” one person commented.

“Yes iyah. Give credit where it’s due. He has started on a path that if he stays o it will bring greatness,” another added.

“Mr green will go down ing history as the minster who transform agriculture,” someone stated.