Daredevil parents climb ‘deadly’ mountain with 3-y-o son, 7-y-o daughter

Seven-year-old Freya Houlding has become the youngest person to reach the summit of Piz Baldie unaided (Photo: Dailymail)

When you think of a family outing, climbing an 11,000ft mountain together would hardly come to mind. But for daredevil British parents, Leo and Jessica Houlding, it was just the adventure the family needed. And they made history in the process!

Their seven-year-old daughter, Freya, became the youngest person to reach the summit of an 11,000ft mountain unaided. Her daredevil family climbed the Piz Badile – on the border of Switzerland and Italy, in three days.

Her three-year-old brother Jackson was carried up by his mother while Leo, a professional climber, brought their supplies.

The family reached the summit on July 27.

Freya Houlding, seven, (centre) climbed Piz Badile - on the border of Switzerland and Italy - along with her mother Jessica, 41, (left, with three-year-old Jackson on her back) and professional climber father Leo Houlding, 40, (right) in just four days
(Photo: Dailymail)

In 2004, two British climbers; Jules Cartwright, 29, and Julie Colver , 43, fell to their deaths while descending Piz Badile.

But Houlding didn’t feel overly concerned as he said the climb they chose offers adventurers greater control over potential risks – including rockfall and bad weather. 

Speaking from Bregaglia, Switzerland, he said: “it’s a super classic route, the best of it’s grade in the world.”

“What was exceptional was we did it with our seven year-old-daughter Freya and our three-year-old son Jackson,” he added.