Dark days for Dexta: Entertainer remains in custody

Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps will have to remain behind bars pending an application to the Emergency Powers Review Tribunal to have him released.

Queen’s Counsel Peter Champagnie sought Dexta Daps’ release in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court Monday but was informed that his client was detained under the current state of emergency in South St Andrew.

As a result, the court could not hear the matter concerning the entertainer who is yet to be charged.

“What this effectively means is that we will have to go before the tribunal for the matter to be heard in relation to his release,” Champagnie is quoted by the Observer.

Attorney Peter Champagnie

Dexta Daps, given name Louis Grandison, has been detained for gang-related activities in the St Andrew South Division since April 8. He is being held at the Hunts Bay Police Station.

The Seaview-based artiste is known for songs, including 7Eleven and Shabba Madda Pot.