Dashawn Stanton passes: Jamaican footballer dies a week after falling into coma in Antigua

Rest well, Dashawn. The young Jamaican footballer passed away on Thursday, nearly two weeks after being diagnosed with encephalitis. (Photo: Facebook @ABSTVRadio)

Football fraternities in Jamaica and Antigua have been thrust into mourning on Thursday, August 27, after midfielder Dashawn ‘Takashi’ Stanton died this morning, more than a week after he had fallen into a coma in the eastern Caribbean country.

According to local reports, Stanton, who moved to Antigua five years ago to further his football ambitions, fell ill on Friday, August 14 after complaining of persistent headaches.

Following his admission to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre in Anitgua’s capital, tests were conducted after which he was diagnosed with encephalitis.

It is understood Stanton’s condition worsened last week, to the point he fell into a coma, where further tests revealed there was an infection in his brain.

The former Tivoli Gardens midfielder, a native of St Thomas, died at 9:30 am local time on Thursday, aged 25.

Stanton’s family in Jamaica has been notified of his passing.

The young Jamaican initially played for Anitgua and Barbuda Football Association Premier League (ABFAPL) outfit Hermitage Bay Strickers.

He made 14 appearances in the ABFAPL playing with Old Road FC as well as Villa Lions FC since 2017.