David Burt returned as Bermuda’s premier in landslide victory

David Burt was returned as premier of Bermuda after his Progressive Labour Party (PLP) won a landslide victory in a general election yesterday, October 1.

Premier-elect David Burt

The PLP won 30 seats to One Bermuda Alliance’s (OBA) six, taking 62 per cent of the 25,763 votes cast in preliminary results. However, voter turnout for election was one of the lowest in decades, at roughly 56 per cent.

Burt, speaking after his party’s victory, said the nation would now need to work together for the “difficult road ahead”.

“I now say that it is time for us to put aside our red, our yellow and our green — our historical divisions — and come together as one people, one Bermuda, to recover our economy and to build a more inclusive economy that benefits all,” said Burt.