Dayton Campbell cries hypocrisy after another MP declares support for Dr. Phillips

Dr Dayton Campbell listens to a supporter.

Dr Dayton Campbell is accusing North Trelawny Member of Parliament Victor Wright of hypocrisy after the MP declared his support for PNP president Dr Peter Phillips.

Campbell is manager of the Rise United campaign of PNP presidential aspirant Peter Bunting.

Wright was returned as chairman of Region Six during the Regional Executive Council (REC) in Trelawny Sunday. He immediately declared his support for Dr Phillips in the presidential election scheduled for Saturday, September 7.

“A see them a come with them little styling and them little slackness and it naw go work. I was at Region One meeting [Sunday] and when the meeting done me see me brethren Victor send out endorsement fe Dr Phillips. If they were confident about Region One him should a send it before and see if him would go back as region chair,” Campbell said.

‘Me no like people who you can’t trust.’

— Dr Dayton Campbell
MP Victor Wright (left) speaking with supporters following the Region Six meeting in Trelawny.

“Gimmicks thing them a go on with and me no like people who you can’t trust. Because Victor tell me say Dr Phillips don’t even talk to him so him can’t vote fe him. Me no inna the hypocrisy business inna dis. And if unno want go tek North East St Ann and give somebody else and me go practice medicine, but me ago talk the truth me no inn no hypocrisy with nobody inna dis,” Dr Campbell said.

Campbell was speaking at the St James Central constituency conference at the Mt Salem Primary School Sunday night.