Dead businessman elected in the United States

A month after his death, David Andahl, a North Dakota businessman and rancher, has been elected to the state House of Representatives.

Businessman David Andahl died in October.

The 55-year-old American man died from COVID-19 on October 5.

However, his name remained on ballots, and it seems he may have won a seat in North Dakota’s 8th District.

Unofficial results say he has secured 35.53 per cent of total votes in North Dakota to win one of the two seats. It is expected that the other seat will be won by Dave Nehring.

With his death coming a month before Americans went to the polls, there was uncertainty about how the matter would be handled.

Prior to the election, the state’s attorney general suggested that should Andahl win the seat, the local Republican Party would probably have to fill the post until a special election.