‘Dead’ woman opens eyes as she was about to be embalmed

It’s said that real life is stranger than fiction, and this story proves just that.

Timesha Beauchamp, 20, had been declared dead at her Detroit home yesterday, August 23, and was just about to be embalmed at a funeral home when she opened her eyes.

The James H. Cole funeral home where Beauchamp was taken after being pronounced dead.

The timeline for the bizarre incident shows that paramedics tried unsuccessfully to revive Beauchamp for half an hour after she was found unresponsive.

They then consulted an emergency room doctor who “pronounced the patient deceased based upon medical information provided”, said the Southfield fire department.

However, after being taken to the James H. Cole funeral home in a body bag, she was found to still be alive after opening her eyes.

Staff at the funeral home called an emergency medical crew to assist.

“They were about to embalm her, which is most frightening, had she not had her eyes open. … The funeral home unzipping the body bag — literally — that’s what happened to Timesha, and seeing her alive with her eyes open,” said Geoffrey Fieger, the family’s legal representative.

An investigation is now underway to determine if protocols were followed by the police and fire departments in carrying out their duties.