“Desperate and misleading journalism”: Lisa Hanna blasts media reports on DPP findings

Lisa Hanna, the member of parliament for South East St Ann,is criticising the media for being misleading and desperate in its reporting of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) findings on her.

The Office of the DPP chastised Hanna for exercising nepotism and cronyism in how contracts are awarded at the St Ann Municipal Corporation.

Media reports are that the office of the DPP found between 2011 and 2015, a culture of negligence, cronyism and unethical management in the award of contracts to PNP cronies in the award of contracts. The DPP also said the coporation acted with the protection of Lisa Hanna.

However, in her response on her Instagram account, Hanna highlighted a section of the report which said there were no allegations or evidence that she departed from established procurement procedures.

“The DPP ruled in July 2019: ‘There was no allegation or evidence that Hanna “departed” from established procurement procedures and that a prosecutor could not prove “either wilful misconduct or abuse of public trust “It cannot be said that as a matter of law, the articulated justification is patently irrational,” the document said, adding that breaches of procurement laws or policies were administrative ones, and, therefore, outside of the DPP’s remit…” wrote the MP adding that, “it’s time to stop misleading and desperate journalism,”