Detainees at Spanish Town lock-up relocated

Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang

The Ministry of National Security advises that detainees at the Spanish Town Police Station lock-up in St. Catherine, have been relocated. The relocation follows reports of rodent infestation and overcrowding at the facility. 

Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang reaffirmed the governments’ commitment to improving police facilities island-wide. “[T]he Government is investing in redesigning police stations island-wide and making them customer-friendly, welcoming public spaces,” he said.

He added that “from a total of 186 police stations island-wide, most needed significant work.”

Minister Chang said that some stations were in total disrepair, others had to be abandoned, and the men and women of the security force were working under extremely challenging circumstances.

According to the ministry, the Spanish Town lock-up has been assessed by the relevant authorities and remedial works are expected to start next month.

So far, 19 police stations are being renovated, 24 have been completed and the remaining 17 are expected to start before the end of this financial year.

The ministry aims to convert police stations island-wide into modern, citizen-friendly workspaces, provide officers with a comfortable environment conducive for work while creating the ambience for citizens to willingly and comfortably engage the police.