Devon House ordered closed for breaching Gov’t protocols

Devon House will officially have to close its doors until the Government is satisfied that they will comply with gathering rules under the Disaster Risk Management Order.

Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie

Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie announced at a media briefing this morning that the order to close comes into effect tomorrow.

Last night McKenzie condemned the staging of a party at the location Friday night, which was shared on social media.

McKenzie said videos from the party showed a clear breach of the Disaster Risk Management Order, which does not currently allow for the staging of entertainment events.

“Devon House has been operating outside of the protocols that have been outlined by the Government in regards to its operation,” McKenzie said.

“The Reggae Mill, based on information that we have gathered, has been operating for almost five weeks, every weekend, with numerous parties, with hundreds of people not observing the social distance. A video has gone viral over this weekend showing Reggae Mill at Devon House operating long after the curfew hours. It is clear that there is little appreciation for the rules that have been laid out.”