Did LinkedIn suffer a massive data breach for the second time in 2021?

LinkedIn has suffered a huge data breach affecting approximately 700 million of its users.

It is reported that a hacker (currently unknown) has secured a new dataset consisting of personal details of LinkedIn users such as physical addresses, phone numbers, and geolocation data.

What’s more, the information is sufficient enough to deduce the salaries of individuals. 

As recent as April 2021, LinkedIn confirmed a data breach which affected approximately 500 million of its subscribers.

The April attack compromised the personal details of users including full name, gender, email addresses, phone numbers, workplace information, account IDs, and links to social media accounts, all of which was publicly listed online. 

In a report by Gadgets 360, LinkedIn denies an actual data breach.

According to the company, the data was obtained by “scraping from the network” and that much of this information was gathered from “other sources”. 

However the information was obtained, the personal data of more than 700 million users is now being sold on the dark web.

When bought, this data can leave LinkedIn users exposed to all levels of nefarious crimes, identity theft among them. The information currently being sold on the dark web includes email addresses, full names, phone numbers, physical addresses, geolocation records, LinkedIn username and profile URL, inferred salaries, personal and professional experience/ background, gender, and social media accounts and usernames.

In May 2021, Jamaicans accounted for 550,800 LinkedIn users, according to NapoleanCat.