Digital gift card platform BlinkSky offering J’cans more options ahead of holiday season

As consumers increasingly make the shift towards e-commerce, digital gift card company, BlinkSky, is giving shoppers more options in their arsenal for the upcoming holiday season.

According to General Manager of BlinkSky Jamaica, Sherika Jackson Grant, the mobile first gifting solution is particularly well-suited for large companies looking to reward their employees after a long year.

“We believe this year, more than ever, organizations will want to show their appreciation to staff members and customers for their resolve and efforts, and BlinkSky has the perfect solution for companies who have adopted a fully digital or hybrid model,” said Jackson Grant.

Jackson explained that by utilizing BlinkSky’s platform HR or marketing teams will eliminate the need to source physical vouchers and gifts for year-end rewards and incentives.

Playing on the eye’s semi-automatic reflex, BlinkSky Jamaica, boasts delivering service in 6 seconds, noting that unlike regular gift cards their is also an option to personalize them. 

“Our easy-to-navigate dashboard delivers up to 25,000 digital gift cards in a maximum of six (6) seconds to employees via email or SMS. The overall experience can also be enhanced with a video message to add a personalized touch,” said Jackson Grant. 

Jackson added that the platform could also be accessed by individuals, looking for gift solutions, adding that utilizing gift cards, instead of buying a physical gift, was a way to empower the receiver.

“Sending  a Blinkable digital gift card gives the recipient the option to choose a gift card from the myriad of merchants included on our digital platform. This ensures that the recipient of the digital gift card gets something they want and appreciate,” said Jackson. 

Jackson further explained that the BlinkSky platform doesn’t just provide access to traditional merchants, but had a range of partners that included spas, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants and even those covering bill payment solutions. 

The Blinkable digital gift cards offer a closed-loop solution and are valid for 1 year.

The cards are not reloadable and boost robust security features to protect the end-user such as real-time balance updates and, digital receipts delivered to customers via SMS after each redemption.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on as a fairly new entrant in the market is the security that the BlinkSky platform offers to our customers; all digital gift cards are sold with inactivated barcodes, voucher codes, and PINs,” explained Jackson Grant.

“The receiver will activate the card digitally when they are ready to use it and complete redemption at the selected merchant. If used for partial redemption, the PIN, voucher number, and barcode are updated instantly. This protects the customer from possible instances of fraud or theft,” she added. 

Founded in 2017 by Jamaican technology entrepreneur, Mark Chambers, BlinkSky Jamaica, is part of the  multinational entity, BlinkSky Inc.

The company which has its headquarters in Atlanta, USA officially launched in Jamaica in May 2021.