Disabled woman caught with drugs says she was forced

The legal team of a 54-year-old woman who was caught attempting to smuggle cocaine out of the island said she was being coerced into doing the act.

The woman, Elaine Suglam, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges which date back to a December 2019 incident.

Reports are that Suglam, a Cockburn Pen resident, was busted with six pounds of cocaine in her luggage on a flight destined for the US. 

According to Suglam’s attorney, Christopher Townsend, she was not acting on her own free will but was being instructed to transport the narcotics. 

Townsend appealed to the judge to have leniency on his client and not send her to jail. 

However, Suglam may face 12 months in prison if she is unable to pay the million-dollar fine.