Doctor who warned about new coronavirus now ill

Dr Wenliang Li in hospital in Wuhan, China after being stricken with the new coronavirus.

A doctor in Wuhan who reportedly blew the whistle about the new coronavirus is said to be now ill from the virus.

Dr Wenliang Li, contracted the disease, after treating an infected patient in Wuhan, which is the epicentre of the illness. The virus has killed over 400 persons and infected over 20,000 worldwide.

Dr Wenliang, it is said, made the diagnosis after seven persons displayed symptoms in late December. He then warned classmates of the disease in a WeChat message only for it to go viral.

Dr Wenliang Li before becoming ill.

He was then accused by the authorities of spreading rumours and asked to sign a statement indicating such. The Health authorities tried to keep a lid on it but the disease began spreading like wildfire.