Does Neymar want out of PSG?

Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr has reportedly snubbed PSG in their attempt to renew his contract.

The Brazilian international, whose contract with PSG expires in 2020 refused to pen a deal that would take his contract with the team up to 2025.  The rumour mill is once again swirling with speculations that Neymar is thinking about a return to Barcelona.

Eric Abidal, Barcelona’s sporting director, has not ruled out the possibility of a deal with Neymar.

“A top player who has a Barca philosophy and who is performing at a high level will always be an option. From there, at the sports level we can make delicious, but the whole financial issue, there are things that you can reach and others that you cannot,” he said. “The future will say. If it continues at this level because the season is very long, I will not say that it will be option number 1 but it can be a clear option.”

PSG has still opted to negotiate with Neymar’s father despite the contract refusal. However, it is speculated that Neymar Sr has been putting forward large demands, making it difficult for a deal to be made.

— Article written by Stephanie Moore