#Doha2019: Fedrick Dacres advances to discus final

Jamaica will only have Fedrick Dacres in the final of the discus at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar, as both Chad Wright and Traves Smikle were eliminated in the first round of the event.

Fredrick Dacres
Fredrick Dacres has advanced to the discus final.

Dacres, who was in Group A, threw 65.44 metres to win the group, but ended in second overall, as favourite for the gold medal, Daniel Stahl of Sweden, won Group B with 67.88 metres.

Dacres got his mark on his first attempt, as he threw 64.26 metres on his second and fouled his third effort, with Stahl fouling his first attempt before his 67.88, as he opted not to make the third attempt.

“I just need to work on my rhythm.”

— Dacres

Wright throwing with Dacres in Group A finished 12th in that section with a best throw of 60.60 metres on his second attempt, while Smikle throwing in Group B had a best effort of 62.93 metres, which he got on his third attempt.

Following his performance, Dacres said that he will be working on his rhythm.

“I am happy to be out there and make it to the final. I just need to work on my rhythm. I was close the medals two years ago and I am very motivated to reach the podium this time,” he said.