#Doha2019: Here are the medals being chased in Doha

These are the medals athletes will be chasing at the World Championships games in Doha, Qatar.

We are almost there! With just days to go before the start of the IAAF World Athletics Championships, Doha 2019, we zoom in on the three medals that are being competed for in each event.

Approximately 192 medals (some event might have a tie and change that) are up for grabs across 49 disciples over 10 days. Outside of all the hype and site seeing every athlete converging on Doha this weekend has hopes with walking away with at least one of these medals around their neck.

The organising committee revealed the design of the medals on August 27 and they are a unique work of art.  The medals are circular in nature but features a very abstract design with elements from track and flied such as a track, bell, hammer and the Doha stadium in which the championships will be held.

The production of the medals for the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 (LOC) © Copyright

The first gold, silver and bronze medals will be won just hours after the championships get underway on day one in the marathon.

According to the IAAF press release the medals, which pay homage to the Qatari capital, were designed by an all-female branding team and were handcrafted in Doha by a local company named Sndala. The local company incorporated traditional Arabic Sadu patterns with a modern sporting twist to include the Doha skyline and 13 different elements of athletics disciplines.

As beautiful as these medals are these finer details will likely not be on the mind of any athlete while in the starting blocks. We have our picks or favourites to medal, but no name is written on any medal in Doha. This is as close as some athletes will get to seeing one.

How many medals do you think your country’s team will win in Doha?