Dr. Phillips stands better chance of defeating JLP – Bill Johnson

People’s National Party (PNP) Presidents Dr Peter Phillips (centre) greets supporters on Nomination Day in Kingston. He is joined by Damion Crawford (left) and Wykeham McNeill (right) (Photo: Contributed/Facebook)

And there you have it.

Pollster Bill Johnson latest poll reveals that the current Leader of the PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips would be in a tie against an Andrew Holness-led JLP if a general election was called right now.

The poll was conducted for “One PNP” the faction that supports Dr Phillips in his battle to retain the leadership of the party against aspirant Peter Bunting. With a sample size of 1,008 the poll was done across 84 communities between August 2 and 4 with a margin of error of plus or minus three per cent.

The One PNP camp will take comfort that Bill Johnson’s poll revealed that if the party were to be led by Peter Bunting, it would lose by nine per cent in a general election. Commenting on this latest poll’s findings and vociferously declaring her support for Dr Peter Phillips, PNP’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lisa Hanna said that the impression given that Dr Phillips was an electoral liability and would be routed in a general election was wrong.

PNP’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lisa Hanna (right). Hanna is one of several high-ranking members of the party who supports of Dr Peter Phillips’ (pictured left) One PNP campaign. (Photo: Contributed/Facebook)

“If an election were called now the PNP is in striking distance of removing the JLP.”

— Lisa Hanna

On this matter she is reported to have said at the poll findings unveiled at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston on Monday, “Well I want to tell all of you that that is a lie and that premise was destroyed two days ago, because what you are now seeing is that the country of Jamaica has said Comrade Peter David Phillips is in a statistical dead heat with Andrew Holness of the JLP. In other words, if an election were called now the PNP is in striking distance of removing the JLP,” Hanna asserted.