Driver’s license process to be digitised to stop ‘buying’

Transport Minister Robert ‘Bobby’ Montague believes that plans being put in place to digitise the driver’s license process will help to eliminate the fraud of Jamaicans buying the form of national identification.

According to Montague, the government is responding to allegations of this way to cheat the system, which is popularly called ‘buying driver’s license’.

Montague said the new process would start from the application for a learner’s license.

He said in the first quarter of next year, the Jamaicans applying for a learner’s license would be required to pass the road code test, which will be done on paper initially before a system upgrade for it to be completed on a tablet. He said it would be monitored at a central location.

He said the process would then involve another written test on a digital device for the driver’s license, with the actually driving test done in a simulator, which will have a CCTV and centrally monitored to prevent manipulation.