Dual Citizens Int’l presents eight high schoolers with school supplies

The Dual Citizens International Foundation has made back-to-school a bit easier for eight high students from Kingston.

The students, who attend Dunoon, Papine, Mona and Excelsior high schools, were presented with textbooks and school bags during a ceremony at the Alhambra Inn Hotel in Kingston recently.

Eight students received back-to-school supplies from Dual Citizens International Foundation.

The foundation is led by three Jamaican-born women, who are living in the United States. They are Shachera Smith, Camara Chambers and Tehakadi Chambers.

Guest Speaker at the function, Dr Ricardo Anderson urged the students to take their education seriously. “Your school environment with your teachers provide rules and guidance. You now have to make choices. When you get that piece of homework or when you are scheduled for a class, attend that class, do the assignment,” he said.

Ms Smith said the group will be upping the ante. “This is just the beginning. We are determined to make a difference, no matter how small. If we can save one child then we have done something positive,” Smith said.