Dutch woman is first person to die after getting COVID-19 twice

An 89-year-old Dutch woman became the first person to die after getting COVID-19 twice.

Pneumonia coronavirus

The woman, who had a rare type of bone marrow cancer, had a compromised immune system from the treatment she was receiving for the disease.

However, experts still say her body should have been able to fight off the second bout of the coronavirus because she would have had antibodies from the first, and the cancer treatment “does not necessarily result in life threatening disease.”

The patient was admitted to hospital with COVID-19 this year, and was released after five days later when she only had fatigue as a symptom.

She began chemotherapy for her cancer two months after her coronavirus fight, but developed a fever, cough and had difficulty breathing.

Subsequent tests revealed that she had COVID-19 again and there were no antibodies in her system when tested twice. She died two weeks later.