Education Ministry issues directive to stop fingerprint scanning in schools

Administrators at public education institutions have been directed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to discontinue the practice of scanning fingerprints to record registration/attendance, until further advised.              

In a bulletin on Wednesday, the ministry said it is aware of the use of automated systems that are conveniently used for employees to electronically record arrival and departure times.

However, in light of the issues that have surfaced in relation to these systems and the lack of full information regarding its implications, the decision was taken to issue the directive to discontinue the practice of its use in public education institutions.


It was pointed out that as per the Education Regulations, 1980, Section 17, Subsections 1(f), 1(g) and 1(h), in every public education institution there shall be kept in such form or manner as may be directed by the ministry or as may be prescribed,  a register of attendance of teachers and administrative personnel; a register of attendance of ancillary staff; such numbers of registers of attendance of students as may be necessary for the purpose of the institution; and any other registers, books, statistical or other records that the ministry may require to be kept in each institution.

The ministry said it has commenced an audit of the use of electronic registration systems in all public schools, and this information, in addition to an independent assessment of the systems, will be used to develop policy guidelines to be made available to schools as quickly as possible.