Egyptian TikTok star jailed for 10 years

Haneen Hossam

Haneen Hossam, a 20-year-old Egyptian TikTok star has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a court in Cairo. Hossam was accused of human trafficking after “encouraging” women to share “inappropriate content” on the app in exchange for money. 

According to reports by Ahram Online, the prosecution also accused Hossam of corrupting Egyptian family values.

Hossam, who has about 900,000 followers on TikTok, was among five Egyptian female social media influencers, including al-Adham, who were arrested in 2020. 

They were sentenced to two years in jail in July 2020 for “promoting immorality” by encouraging women to make money through social media followings. 

In one video, Hossam explained how women could earn up to $3,000 by broadcasting videos using the video creation platform Likee, which authorities interpreted as promoting women selling sex online.  

A day after her sentencing, Hossam posted a now viral video, begging for mercy as she didn’t do any harm.

“10 years! I didn’t do anything immoral to deserve all this. I was jailed for 10 months and didn’t say a word after I was released… Why do you want to jail me again?” she asked.  

Her lawyer says she will appeal the sentence. ‘We hope that she can get a reduced jail sentence or an acquittal,’ he told Reuters.

Another social media influencer, Mowada al-Adham, was also sentenced on Sunday with three other people to six years in jail by the Cairo Criminal Court on human trafficking charges.