Elderly man says he’ll die if deported to Jamaica citing high cost of cancer treatment

An elderly man is seeking to remain in the UK on compassionate grounds, stating that if he is deported to Jamaica he’s likely to die.

According to 74-year-old Lewin Williams, returning to Jamaica would be a death sentence as he points out that it isn’t that the island doesn’t offer good health care, it comes at a cost which he cannot afford.

Williams who was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer shared with British media that he’s been in and out of hospital .

“Well I have cancer from 2019 and until now I still have to be at the hospital every week. Chemo operation, bone marrow transplant and all those things,” Williams said.

“I can’t pay for the treatment and if the Home Office sends me back to Jamaica, I will die because I can’t afford it,” he added.

Why is Williams being deported?

Williams has been living in the UK for close to two decades, having arrived in 2003.

According to Williams, he came on a visitor’s visa to visit his sister which lasted till June 2004.

While residing with his sister, whom he was assisting, Williams said he was told that an application to have him remain in the country under “settled status” had been applied for and granted.

However, when he began to feel unwell in early 2005, his sister put him out of her house and he found himself homeless.

During this period is when he discovered that his status had not been granted and applied to the Home Office again and was refused stay in the UK.

Williams’ story has touched many in the UK, with a social worker launching a online petition to have him remain in the country.

The petition has amassed close to 100,000 signatures.