Elizabeth Warren ends 2020 presidential bid after disappointing Super Tuesday

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

Curtains have fallen on the campaign of Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic presidential candidate bows out of the runnings following a dismal performance on Super Tuesday.

Speaking to media at her Massachusetts home on Thursday (March 5), Warren said that despite the defeat, she was thankful for the support and proud of her movement for what it was. The senator hasn’t endorsed any of the remaining candidates.

“I refuse to let disappointment blind me to what we’ve accomplished. We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together… has made a lasting difference. It’s not the scale of the difference we wanted to make, but it matters,” she argued.

“I need some space and I need a little time right now,” Warren, flanked by her husband and dog.

Super Tuesday was a living nightmare for Warren as the onetime front-runner failed to win a single state—even losing her own.

The woman who electrified progressives with her “plan for everything” and strong message of economic populism, struggled to find a reliable base of supporters as Democrats coalesced around Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

The Democratic field, once touted as the most diverse in history, is now with just one female candidate in the wake Warren’s exit. That sole female is Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who has collected only one delegate toward the nomination.