END THE CONFUSION: Opposition says gov’t must issue new Order with correct procedure for re-entry of Ja’cans

Opposition Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs Lisa Hanna.

The People’s National Party spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Lisa Hanna, is calling on the government to issue a new Order with the correct procedure for the re-entry of Jamaicans.

Hanna said the confusion surrounding the re-entry of Jamaicans into island increased with the latest Order made by the Prime Minister under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

The Order, which was released to the public Thursday (April 23) stated that Jamaican citizens who are overseas may enter Jamaica between Wednesday, April 22 and May 31.

Hanna said the Order would immediately bring relief to some 2,000 Jamaican workers, including the 43 ship workers who were denied entry while their vessel refuelled in Jamaican waters.

But Hanna noted social media postings made Thursday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Kamina Johnson Smith, which suggested that the information contained in the Order was not what the Government intended.

Hanna said: “The foreign affairs minister insists that restrictions on entry by Jamaican citizens will continue to apply. However, that is contrary to what the Prime Ministerial Order clearly provides.”

She added that if the minister is now expressing the government’s true intent then there is need to correct this “monumental, embarrassing and dangerous error immediately, by the prime minister making a new Order detailing the accurate information”.

“Jamaicans who are anxious to return home are waiting on this announcement and the process to facilitate their return must be very clear and without misinformation, missteps and unnecessary obstacles,” Hanna said.