Engineer creates ‘mask gun’ that shoots masks onto people’s faces

Youtuber and Engineer, Allen Pan with his ‘mask gun’

Unfortunately, there are still some people who refuse to wear masks to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus. That’s why YouTuber and engineer Allen Pan had to find the perfect solution- a gun mask.

In the latest episode on his channel, the former Mythbusters contestant said telling people to wear a mask is not enough, so he decided to speak in terms they would better understand.

“This is not a world of fact anymore, this is a world of opinion and emotion,” he said. “And if there’s one thing coronavirus protestors actually care about, it’s the Second Amendment. That’s right — guns,” he said.

So he invented a gun that shoots masks onto people’s faces. The mask is projected with just enough force the mask strings attach to the subject’s head, and adhesive patches make sure it sticks. He can even aim with precision thanks to a laser pointer.

He tested his innovation on a dummy first and was thrilled when it worked for the first time. Despite a few subsequent failed attempts, Pan determined it was ready for human trials.