England to remove majority of COVID-19 restrictions

England’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Soon, British people will no longer have to wear a mask in public or even practice social distancing. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday that his government will be lifting restrictions.

But businesses and transit operators may still require face masks, and they will still be recommended in some enclosed spaces.

According to the BBC, the rule of six inside private homes will be removed, and work from home guidelines abolished. Details on school bubbles, travel, and self-isolation will follow in the coming days.

Johnson did acknowledge that removing restrictions would cause a surge in coronavirus cases, but he says people now have a “personal responsibility” to protect themselves.

The tentative opening of the British economy is slated to happen on July 19, but the Prime Minister said a final decision be made on July 12.

The removal of social distancing rules will allow nightclubs to reopen after 16 months of enforced shutdown, and patrons to once again order drinks at the bar in a pub. No longer will customers have to scan a phone app to provide their contact details when entering a restaurant or bar.

The government will also stop instructing people to work from home if they can, leaving employers free to bring staff back to offices.