English church to remove plaque dedicated to 18th-century slave owner John Gordon

A church in England is set to remove a plaque dedicated to the memory of 18th-century plantation owner John Gordon.

After being removed, the plaque dedicated to John Gordon will be taken to a museum. (Photo: bbc.com)

The plaque, located in St Peter’s Church, Dorchester, commemorates John Gordon, and his role in the killing of hundreds of black people in Jamaica.

Gordon had returned to England and died in Dorchester in 1774 when he was 46 years old. After his death, the monument was erected in his honour, praising his gallantry in the suppression of a rebellion led by Tacky in 1760.

In that rebellion in Jamaica, between 400 and 500 people of African descent were killed, and hundreds more transported and sold, as colonial forces sought to suppress the revolt.

The plan is to now cover up the monument and then move it to a museum for educational purposes.