Errol Spence JR accused of “ducking” Manny Pacquiao a week before August showdown

Welterweight champion Errol Spence JR

Welterweight champion Errol Spence JR has withdrawn from his August 21 fight with Manny Pacquiao due to a torn retina. But the announcement was met with criticism from boxing fans across the world.

Boxing professionals and fans have expressed that the boxer may very well be”fearful” of ruining his perfect record. Spence JR currently holds a record of 27 wins and 0 losses with Twenty-one of those wins achieved through knockouts.

One of the more recent persons to express some suspicion on the matter is former boxer and world champion, Bernard Hopkins. In a recent interview on Fight Hub TV’s Youtube Channel, Hopkins said his time in boxing taught him that anything is possible.

“My experience being in the game so long, I’m not surprised by any shenanigans that might happen, alleged, true, or in between. But I question [this happening] a week before,” he said. “Show me a sparring tape, show me something that created this [situation].”

Hopkins is far from alone. Social media users have also taken to YouTube comment sections to speak on the “suspicious” circumstances under which Spence has withdrawn from what was to be one of the greatest fights of the year.

“I hope Manny retires after this, corrupt people in boxing [are] toying with him,” said one user.

“Errol better publish some sort of proof or this is gonna be a huge stain on his reputation,” said another.

The doubt remains strong even after the welterweight champion addressed the injury on Twitter.

“I went to three different doctors and they all said the same thing I’ll be back in the winner for sure,” Spence tweeted. “I came back from worse,” he added, alluding to his 2019 car accident.

Errol Spence JR seemed to receive a bit more support on Twitter, however, with one user countering naysayers.

“You ever had a detached (torn) retina? Do you have any idea of the surgery required or the recovery process?? Maybe look it up. I’ll help… google “scleral buckle” and “gas bubble for retina surgery.” Both options suck!”

With Spence JR out of commission, Pacquiao will now face Yordenis Ugas at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 21.