Ethiopia implements jail time for people who refuse to wear face masks

So far, we’ve seen countries implement fines, mandate the digging of graves for COVID-19 related deaths, and even gave the middle finger to people who refused to wear face masks. But Ethiopia has taken the sanction for not wearing a mask to a whole new level.

People who refuse to wear a face mask in public will be jailed for up to two years. Ethiopia has had to resort to this extreme measure because of concerns that people are becoming lax with restrictions in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

These restrictions include; prohibiting shaking hands, not wearing a mask in a public place, seating more than three people at a table, or not keeping six feet apart.

“It is as if COVID is no longer there, the public is not taking care,” Health Minister Lia Tadesse tweeted. “This will cause a possible increase in the spread of the disease and might be a threat to the nation.”

Ethiopia is Africa’s second-most populous nation. The health ministry has recorded 91,118 COVID-19 cases, 1,384 deaths, and 44,506 recoveries so far.