Europe surpasses 11 million coronavirus cases

Europe passed a grim milestone Tuesday after reporting more than 11 million coronavirus cases.

The continent has now registered 11,008,465 infections and almost 285,000 deaths according to an AFP tally of official sources on Tuesday.

Austria and Greece became the latest countries on the continent to impose shutdowns. They joined Belgium, France, Germany, and Ireland in re-imposing tough restrictive measures.

England has also reimplemented another string of restrictive measures set to take effect this week. But they have been highly criticised as experts are predicting that Europe risks being hit with further waves of infections next year if no effective vaccine is found.

There is also the issue of the devastating effect that lockdowns have on economies. In Spain, for example, where tourism accounts for some 13 per cent of employment, the number of foreign visitors plunged by 75 per cent during the first nine months of the year.

As a result, countries are seeking desperately for alternatives to lockdowns.